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Consulting on Digital

Typically, consulting services can overlook manifest needs or desires within organisations.

Many organisations are currently cash-poor:

  • Turnkey consulting solutions, often involving outsourcing of relatively easily learned and managed functions, avoids additional hires but adds significant financial costs that are harder to recoup in the current highly sensitive economy;
  • Many digital solutions that are on offer are not expensive but can see daunting if a company does not know the digital universe and does not know how to optimise the blend of different digital solutions for their business;
  • As in most downturns, the first spending cut is marketing, but the availability of low-cost digital marketing and engagement solutions, and the light-touch maintenance of these engagement tools means the return on some well invested cash in digital can drive long-term customer engagement, brand strength and bottom line growth.

Many organisations are having to consider reducing headcount as furlough runs out:

  • Companies are not in a position to make new hires, particularly not expensive senior hires in “marketing” roles, that are not perceived as driving the bottom line growth; 
  • Companies have unidentified resources within their existing workforces, particularly in the under-30s grouping.  Repurposing existing staff, and re-aligning existing organisation and reporting structures can offer significant boosts to the customer response to digital engagement, driving company efficiency without driving up costs or head-count;
  • As digital solutions are “skills” driven, a consulting solution that engages with support for the existing staff allows companies to grow beyond the need for consulting services, essential in a cash-sensitive environment;
  • Most companies, from an ethical standpoint, would rather repurpose existing hires than fire staff in a downturn, but few advisory solutions prioritise this.

Our Approach

Stage 1

  • Comprehensive review of current business digital environment and its intersection with product/service offering, concluding in a brief presentation and support video conference on the conclusions.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of current digital offering; directed options and recommendations for improved digital offering.

Stage 2

  • Organisational : Review of current organisational structure, of current skills within management and employees that can be repurposed to respond to digital needs.
  • Focus on avoiding high-priced external services or unnecessary recruitment.
  • Future-proof working flow and reporting lines (conflicts between product categories and cross-product functions).

Stage 3

  • 3, 6, 12 months recommendation for digital solution improvement, optimisation, delivery.
  • clear exposition of technology, business, personnel steps to achieve corporate goals.
  • focus on cost-sensitive, time-responsive solutions for rapid results.

Stage 4

  • Retained services.
  • A monthly retainer fee ensures rapid response to follow-up queries and needs to build out the recommended solution, up to 10 hours a month.
  • Future consultation and support available as negotiated.


Step 1 | Review & Analysis

including presentation-format breakdown of current offering

Recommendations, and a comprehensive video conference to explain the results

£2000 flat fee

Step 2 | Organisation review

Analysis of current organisation chart and possible challenges

includes 5 hours of video interviews with relevant employees to  assess latent/unidentified skills/suitability within the existing work and to identify any related training/support needs

Additional £125/hour if further interviews required

£1400 flat fee

Step 3 | Future Action Plans

3, 6, 12 month steps and targets to deliver the desired changes to digital solution

Includes presentation of proposed next steps, video conference for relevant managers and 2 hours of support calls to front-line employees to explain and support transition to the programme

£2400 flat fee

Retained Services

Availability for up to 10 hours/month of support calls and services to guide the digital transformation

Additional services/solutions available on a negotiated basis.

We’re eager to get you started on your Customer transformation