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Why choose Argon Consulting

We’re passionate about creating the best customer experience for your brand

My name is Serge Acker.
Working with a small support staff, I bring to market a boutique digital consulting experience that focuses on the human and ethical aspects of digital solutions as much as the manifest financial benefits that a brand drives from customer engagement.

Strengthening companies, supporting employee development, delivering quality, protecting customers : these matter for brands that want to survive and thrive.

Why should you trust me?

I am of the very earliest generation of “digital natives”, with over 20 years experience in digital marketing, services and solutions, going all the way back to business school before “digital marketing” existed as an idea.

This length of experience allows me to offer the “long view” on digital evolution, and an informed vision of where the current market changes are going to drive the digital space.

Experienced in functions as diverse as paid search and SEO, social media presence, apps, micro-platforms, platforms, corporate branding, product marketing, customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer retention, customer monetisation, I am building a team that can understand not just the minutiae or the big picture, but can assess the holistic needs of an organisation and offer a multi-pronged path to growth.

I have the great good fortune to have worked with world-beating brands across market categories, from Apple, Philips to L’Oreal, from Ralph Lauren to Holland & Barrett. I have worked for up-start start-ups and multinationals.

This experience has proven to me that there are some universal truths, particularly in digital marketing: like politics, all branding is local; it is personal.

That is is strength and that is its challenge. Digital solutions allow companies of all sizes, all categories to build towards the best version of themselves, and it does not have to be prohibitively expensive or disruptive if you start with the right paradigm.