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Digital roadmap.

Requests have demonstrated to me over the last 6 months that a key to supporting any business is the clearly defined “next steps”. In the current environment, every organisation is suffering from informational overload. The bandwidth for defining and assessing business roadmaps is limited by the need to manage often rapidly changing regulatory edits and to maintain levels of on-hand cash.
In consequence, we are offering a detailed staged digital roadmap, bespoke for your company*, taking in to account your specific human and capital resources, company size and stage of business development.

We will break this out in to
– 3 month, immediate-focus deliverables (often around repositioning key personnel, developing certain skills, ensuring good reporting lines and corporate responsiveness, determining key digital tools);
– 6 month, foundation-building (incorporating new tools, building up experience and presence, experiment with different styles (a-b tests, analysing digital footprint data) and defining a corporate digital identity and vision;
– 12 month, market-building (active development digital market engagement, identifying and opening key revenue building opportunities, developing cross- and up-selling opportunities through a digital holistic vision).

In this time, for a monthly retainer, we will be available for 10 hours of advice or support for any aspect of the digital roll-out.

Additional services that may be required can be negotiated on a case by case basis, but our aim to to avoid any high cost structures which are antithetical to our consulting aim. We believe this three stage process will be sufficient for most companies to build their way in to digital self-sufficiency.

* Particularly large corporate structures may require organisational capacity analysis and road maps both at the corporate level and within divisions, depending upon the complexity of the business model and the corporate structure.