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Organisation Review.

his may appear beyond the purview of a digital consultant, but years of experience in large organisations has taught me that many of the costs and challenges associated with digital services can be obviated by a re-assessment of managerial and reporting hierarchies. Existing corporate structures often either orphan digital managers or, worse, set them in direct economic conflict with product line mangers.

We will request :
– a complete organigram of the organisation
– a overview of the skills of key employees who can help develop the digital offering

We will identify :
– institutional points of friction, conflict or loss of digital leverage
– organisational adjustments that would optimise the effectiveness of digital services

Our aim is to take make a holistic assessment of your organisation, to understand how most efficiently and cost-effectively, to deliver the services that will build your brand and market and to future-proof your organisational structure against foreseeable business choke-points.